Daylight fluorescent pigments

Pigments in general reflect certain wavelengths of visible light and absorb the rest. Depending on which wavelengths that are refelected we perceive a certain colour.


Normally the absorbed wavelengths are transformed into heat energy but in the case of daylight fluorescent pigments the absorbed wavelengths are transformed into visible light which is emitted. This extra light reaching our eyes is of the same hue as the reflected light. Because of this extra light daylight fluorescent pigments are perceived as being extremely bright (in some cases four times brighter than pigments which do not fluoresce).


This phenomenon makes daylight fluorescent pigments very interesting in applications demanding high visibility like:


  • Road safety (road workers' clothing, road cones, ambulance and police car stripes, warning signs on tractors and trucks)
  • Marine safety (sea buoys, rainwear, life jackets, marine paints)
  • Recreation (inflatable swimming aids, toys)
  • Attention (price tag ink, day-glow paper, aerosol spray paint)

Expocell AB can offer your company high-quality daylight fluorescent pigments at competitive prices from an

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified producer. We can offer you our existing pigment shades (from ranges suitable for water, solvents or plastics) or develop the shade that you are looking for. This is normally done free of charge. Please contact us for information, offers and samples.